Quality Statement

Aeroparts Quality Statement 


Due to numerous requests for vendor self-audits and quality information, Aeroparts has compiled this list of business and quality information questions and answers. 


Aeroparts does not manufacture any parts in-house. 


Vendor Information 


Company Name: Aeroparts


Address: 63 Portchester Boulevard Beaconsfield Victoria 3807 Australia 


Website: www.aeroparts.com.au




Principal products or services: Distributor of Aviation Supplies 


Year Established June 2000


Quality Management System 


Does your company have a quality manual? No


Does the company have a Quality Management System (QMS)? Yes 


Is the QMS certified by a qualified third-party organisation? No


What are the standards that the QMS is certified to? Aeroparts maintains a quality system 


that follows ASA-100 standard but IS NOT certified to that standard. 


Management Responsibility 


Does your company have a Quality Policy in place? Yes 


Is there an organisational chart? Yes


Are Management review meetings held? Yes


Are quality procedures in place and available to all employees affecting quality? Yes 


Contract Review / Purchasing 


Is there a qualification process for suppliers? Yes


Is there an approved supplier list available to purchasing? Yes


Are purchase orders reviewed for accuracy to customer requirements and specifications? Yes


Are these reviews recorded? Yes


Are purchase orders used? Yes


Are purchase orders reviewed by Quality Assurance to ensure customer requirements are met? Yes


Are these customer requirements flowed down to suppliers? Yes


Are these reviews recorded? Yes


Are suppliers evaluated to assure that material supplied meets customer requirements? Yes 


Customer Supplied Product 


Are customers supplied material/items supplied to your company? No 


Design Control 


Is design control a part of your operations? No 


Document Control 


Are procedures in place to control the use of the latest drawing for all areas? N/A


Are there procedures for controlling all documentation affecting product configuration? N/A Is there a procedure for assuring the adequacy of all documents (including changes)? N/A 




Are incoming materials inspected for conformity to specifications? Yes 


Are receiving inspections documented? Yes


Are Purchase Orders available to receiving inspection? Yes


Are certification records available for received items? Yes 


Does your company perform In-Process Inspections? N/A 


Does your company perform Final Inspection? N/A 


Are there written work instructions that provide directions or specific data? No 


Is there a system for documenting inspections that have been performed? Yes 


Are stamps required to indicate inspections that have been performed? N/A 


Are rejected items segregated from other materials to keep from erroneously shipping to a customer? Yes 


Are records of inspection and acceptance maintained that show or are traceable to: Aviation Materials, Part Number, Purchase Order Number, Drawing, Revision, Heat/Lot Number, Inspector Identity, etc.? Yes 


Are copies of these records available as a part of each shipments certification? Yes, upon request 


Measuring & Test Equipment Calibration 


Are all measurement devices used for accepting parts periodically checked for accuracy? N/A 


Are written records kept on each piece of measuring or test equipment, whether calibrated on site or externally? N/A 


Are there written work instructions for calibrating or verifying each piece of measuring or test equipment that is completed on site? N/A 


Is there a system for recalling measuring and test equipment on a periodic basis? N/A


Does the system ensure traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology? N/A 


Non-Conforming Material 


Are there segregated areas for the retention and storage of non-conforming materials? Yes


Is there a procedure for segregating and dispositioning non-conforming material? Yes


Are non-conforming materials & scrap clearly marked as such? Yes


Is there a system in place to notify customers of potential non-conforming material? Yes 


Control of Quality Records 


Do you assure traceability between your supplier and your customers? Yes Material Certification is kept on file for at least 7 years from the date of sale. 


Corrective & Preventative Action 


Are there corrective action procedures to eliminate the causes of non-conformities? Yes


Are there preventive action procedures in place to prevent product defects or nonconformities? Yes Are these corrective and preventive actions retained? Yes


Does management review these corrective and preventive actions? Yes


Are materials stored in such a manner to prevent damage or deterioration? Yes


Are materials identified adequately? Yes


Is proper packaging used to eliminate the possibility of damage? Yes 


Internal Audit 


Is there a documented internal auditing program? Yes


Are internal audits recorded and retained? Yes


How often are these audits performed? Semi-annually


Is there objective evidence that corrective action is taken when findings are noted? Yes 




Is there a documented training program? Yes


Is formal and on-the-job training documented? Yes 


Shelf Life 


Is there a documented shelf life program? Yes


Is there a list of materials that have shelf life limits? Yes 

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