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AV8 Ardrox AV 8 Corrosion Inhibiting Compound 13oz

AV8 Ardrox AV 8 Corrosion Inhibiting Compound 13oz
Product Code: Chemetall Ardrox AV 8 13OZ
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Price: $86.85
Ex Tax: $78.95
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Chemetall Ardrox AV 8 Corrosion Inhibiting Compound

When Chemetall Ardrox® AV 8 (formerly Dinitrol AV 8) is applied to metals in aerospace components and airframe structures as a coating, it penetrates and protects the metal, inhibiting corrosion. You can use AV 8 on both painted and unpainted surfaces. For surfaces that are exposed to severe environmental conditions, AV 100D, which is a waxy, heavy duty firm film CIC, should be used on top of AV 8 for additional corrosion protection.

For movable parts, mask before treatment unless the application can be controlled so it doesn’t come into direct contact. If this isn’t possible, use a soft waxy film CIC alternative, such as AV 25.
  • Low applied film weight
  • Superior corrosion protection for metals
  • Super penetrating, water displacing, tack-free, firm film


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